Thursday, June 3, 2010

Team7 Vs Madara

-You won’t have me this easily Madara…A person like you don’t deserve in a place like this…I should throw you to hell!! Was shouting Sasuke

-What make you think you can beat me so easily?? Remember I’m the Uchiha clan founder and posses the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan!! Something you can never have now!! Said Madara

-Itachi did tell me that you have been weak down from your last fight…I should take advantage of the situation

-About Itachi…Why aren’t you going to kill him too? He did kill off your sibling and parents!! Said Madara with a laugh

Sasuke remember his talk a little earlier with Itachi with a flashback of his talk

-Even Madara don’t know that our parents are still alive….He’s after you Sasuke….Because I care about you little brother… (Flashback ends)

Sasuke looks Madara with a smile on his face.

-Because Itachi is my older brother and I respect him!! Said Sasuke.

-He gain your thrust again…That’s just part of his plan Sasuke to take you down…Come to the dark side with me and I should give you Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan!! Was shouting at his turn Madara

-Itachi told me he’ll always be there for me whenever it’s a obstacle for me or not…Now you don’t dare talk about him…I’m your opponent and I will defeat you!!

Sasuke runs to Madara with his Katana ready to pluck in into his stomach. The attack goes right trough him and Madara lift him by his T-shirt collar and throw him, with power, on the wall. Madara begins doing some hand sign:

-Earth Release: Stone edge.

Huge boulders from under the building began coming up and destroying everything. Sasuke manage to miss some few and got some minor hit on his arms. Madara concentrate powers into his left eye and does a psychic move making the boulders circle Sasuke. He couldn’t escape. Sasuke began making some Chidori attack to break all boulder and didn’t manage to break all of them and got squish under all the boulders. Some seconds later Sasuke is seem doing Chidori sembom to escape the pile of boulders upon him.

-Damn he got my leg…Was thinking Sasuke in pain

-Were just getting started my little Sasuke. Said Madara with a smile

With the others

-Sasuke Is gone for too long…Was beginning Gama breaking the silence

-Your maybe right…One of us supposes to go and see if he’s all right. Told Naruto

-I hope Sasuke is allright….Was thinking Sakura

-Hey were talking about Uchiha Itachi here…Sasuke’s older Akatsuki brother!! Added Gama

-I already went against him and was easily put into a genjutsu. Said Naruto

-Damn then I’ll go. I’m part of Sasuke team and I will go save him. Said Gama before running off

-Hey man….

-Let him Naruto…Gama is strong enough to fight beside Sasuke is over there and will help him out. Said Sakura

-Maybe your right…Said Naruto sitting on a rock waiting

Back to Sasuke and Madara. Sasuke try again to hit his Chidori on Madara with always the same result. Madara exchange some taijutsu with Sasuke where we won and kicked Sasuke away on the same wall. Sasuke launch a fire ball jutsu on him where Madara throws some kunais with paper bomb on it and it clash with the fire ball where it create a majeure explosion. Madara with speed appear from behind the smoke and punch Sasuke in the guts where he hit the wall.

-Your weak Sasuke…I hope your eyes can tell wrong.


Sasuke charge Chidori with his hand and punch Madara off on the belly.

-Lets finish this…Your not worth the fight anyway

Madara concentrate his chakra on his left eye again.

-Fire release: Black hole!!

Sasuke is seen envelop in a black hole and he couldn’t escape. He has been burn wildly and then Madara change attacks:

-Lighting release: Black Hole!!!

The same effects happen and Sasuke is being electrified with nowhere to escape. Madara uses his last attack

-Water release: Black Hole!!!

The previous electric attack made the technique even stronger and Sasuke couldn’t take it and falls on the ground while he can’t even move

-You have been drained off everything now I can fully use this final jutsu!!

Again Madara concentrate his chakra on his right eye this time.

-Mind control jutsu!!

Sasuke is seen with his eyes wide open turning white. Soon he was on he’s knees looking at Madara like a zombie.


A sharingan eye is see opening on Sasuke forehead. At the minute when it almost fully opens someone interfere


Gama is seen interfering with Madara’s plan. He throws his Ronnigan to Madara and claps his hand where it made a big explosion. Sasuke flies away and hits the wall while desperately wanting to watch the battle with one eye open. Gama appears again behind Madara with Ronnigan going through Madara’s body and he swings his body to the wall and chokes him up.

-Well well another brat to play with…Who are you anyway?? Oh sorry you can’t talk because of me destroying your throat haha…Nice seeing you now DISSAPEAR!!!

From nowhere Sasuke appears and plucks his Katana right through both of Madara’s arms and got Gama away and he toke his Katana back cutting his arm off. Some seconds later it re grow back

-Are you okay Sasuke? Ask Gama

-I guess so…Damn that guy is strong…

Madara takes the Katana off and was staring at then. Sasuke and Gama ran to him and were exchanging Hits and kicks. Madara manage to counter them all easily. Madara hits a mega punch on both where they go POOF. He looks behind and sees Sasuke with a Chidori and Gama with a Ronnigan. Madara summon some kunai weapons with paper bombs on them and launch them to Gama and Sasuke where it cancels their jutsu.

-Were running out of Chakra. Said Gama

-We should call Naruto and Sakura. Said Sasuke


-Break the sealing with your boulder technique and I’ll launch my Chidori at the sky so they can see them. Propose Sasuke

-Good idea.

Gama puts his hand on the ground and pulled out a giant boulder and launches it to the sealing. Madara launch again his kunais where it breaks the boulder. Sasuke runs to Madara to keep him occupy while Gama tries again. Sasuke does his lightning shield and collide with Madara who desperately holds on with a Kunai. He push Sasuke and launch his kunai again and Sasuke Chidori Nagashi to stops them. Gama manages to breaks the sealing and Sasuke launch his Chidori to the sky. Naruto and Sakura saw the lighting attack from their spot

-What was that? Ask Naruto

-Is it Sasuke’s Chidori?? What do you think it’s happening there? Ask Sakura

-I don’t know but this seem bad…We should go take a look. Propose Naruto

-All right let’s go!! Said Sakura running to the hideout with Naruto

Sasuke and Gama without seeing have been choked again by Madara that teleport behind them with speed.

-This time you brats there no going nowhere…Said Madara with an evil look

Gama was melting down into mud but couldn’t completely.

-You can’t you substitution now while I concentrate my chakra on my fist. It’s the end. Said Madara choking them harder.

Sasuke couldn’t breave. He was remembering what his brother told him

-(flashback) Sasuke Madara is after you now that you are weak enough and in progress…..You got to be train to be an excellent shinobi, you need to power up your eyes and that person to train you is ME!!....Because I care about you. (Flashback finish)

-Itachi is counting in me to be his perfect shinobi…I can disappoint him now…I WILL DEFEATE YOU UCHIHA MADARA!! Cried out Sasuke while his curse began taking control.

Snakes went through Madara’s body and Sasuke cuts his arm to get free and does the same thing with his other hand to free Gama.

-Stand back Gama…I don’t want to hurt you…Said Sasuke with an evil and deadly voice.

Gama stands back while looking on Madara rolling on the ground with Pain. Sasuke prepares his dark Chidori and concentrate it at 100%. Gama helped Sasuke out by putting Madara into a rock prison. Sasuke runs with speed and breaks the rock and piecing Madara with his full power. Madara had a scared face while seeing Sasuke true power. His mask began to break and he wanted to teleport away but Sasuke plucks his Katana right throw his mask. Madara in pain didn’t know what to do and close his eyes again and concentrating his chakra again.


A large Electric been is left behind as it leave the floor on crack and the roof broking. Sasuke is launch away by Amaterasu and start burning slowly.

-SASUKE!!! Cried out Gama running to his location.

Madara gets up while his Akatsuki dress is half cut down and his orange Mask stars breaking and falling down piece by piece. He began laughing maniacally and launch his new dark jutsu called Dark Pulse that can’t be missed and hit Gama with a full blast. Gama falls beside Sasuke looking at him burn in pain by Amaterasu and he felt a big pain on the head. He woke up seconds later seeing himself into a weird dimension. He starts walking when he was stabbed at high speed my two swords.

-Like that? Ask Madara

-What…What the hell are you doing? Ask Gama in fear.

-Only killing you. Prepare to be stabbed away for good. Said Madara with both his hand on Chidori ready to piece and take his heart out.

Gama let a feared cry out when Madara stops and everything began breaking down like a puzzle. Gama woke up on the floor while Sasuke is sitting hardly capable of breathing good.

-What…What happen Sasuke? Ask Gama

- I…I don’t know…I just woke up seeing Amaterasu is gone while I don’t have Mangekyou to stop it. Oh and I broke that Genjutsu Madara almost killed you with. It’s called Killing intent.


Madara is seen with a Rampage face

-WHAT HAPPEN!! HOW…HOW DID YOU BREAK AMATREASU??? Ask Madara holding his right eye bleeding and in pain.

-The will of Fire burns strong inside me. Responded Sasuke

-No matter…I still have one more trick up my sleeve. I want to present you two of my members. Said Madara

He began biting his finger and drawing on the floor. Sasuke and Gama were left into shock not knowing what to do.


Before he had the time to touch the floor summoning his members he been interrupted by someone breaking the wall again.



Sakura break the wall getting to Sasuke and Gama and Naruto collide with Madara full impact leaving a huge explosion aside. Sakura went to cover and protect Sasuke coming in front of him while Gama manages to do his mud wall protecting everyone. Some minutes later everything was calm. Gama cancels the mud wall and everyone sees Naruto beside Madara on the ground not moving. Sasuke looks at Madara with his Sharingan

-His body…He’s dead. Affirmed Sasuke

-Good Heaven about time. Said Gama.

-Sasuke your heavily burned. Don’t move. Said Sakura

-Hehe epic entrance by your favorite ninja Hein? Ask Naruto with a smile

-Thanks Naruto. Said Sasuke managing to do a smile while in pain

Sometime later Sakura have finish healing Sasuke and they helped him out because of his hurt leg.

-Lets go and tell the Hokage. Said Naruto

They all went direction to Konoha. Madara’s body was beginning to crack and break and another body came out from it.

-Interesting Uzumaki Naruto is here…And Sasuke ha he’s one strong ninja. Glad I had that jutsu of mine in reserve. Said Madara back to normal with his mask and Akatsuki robe

He summons his two members that he wanted to before.

-You two go get me back those ninja again. Said Madara

-As you wish master.

-I wanted to try my experiment on them anyway. Sound fun.

Both of them escape to get back team Naruto. At Konoha in the Hokage office

-Team MusiTen you’ve been asine into your first mission. Said the Hokage

-What type of Mission? Ask Musica

The Hokage gives a message to Ino

-It was your Kage who gave me that before that incident happen.

-So he knew I’ll be the only survivor of this incident. Said Ino taking the letter

--Ino if you read this it’s because you’re at Konoha and our village destroyed. I need you to get back the whirlpool most precious treasure hidden deep under water. This should help you with your future training and help Konoha too. Be careful and good luck. –Kage-

-So we should explore deep under the whirlpool country. Said Musica

-Yes. Get the treasure and be back safe. Musica you’re team leader. Good luck MusiTen

-Hai!! Said the three member before disappearing

Who awaits our young team 7?? And MusiTen new mission!!! Till next Chap!!

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